Childrens’/Pediatric Dentistry

A child’s teeth, and how those teeth are taken care of, can have a huge impact on the development of their adult teeth. Early cavities, habits (like thumb sucking), injuries and more can all play roles in your child’s teeth. By bringing your child to a family dentist early, not only are you taking necessary steps to protect their teeth, but you will instill a positive perception of dental care. At lakeside Dental, we provide quality pediatric dental services for Spokane, Liberty Lake, and all of the surrounding areas. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (509) 381-4187.

What happens during these visits?

The ultimate goal in a pediatric exam is to screen for developing issues in your child’s health, speech, diet, and orofacial anatomy. By early screening, we can help reduce risk of issues like:

● Tooth decay or abscessed teeth
● Premature tooth loss
● Misalignment of teeth and jaw
● Dental emergencies
● Alterations to developing adult teeth

When should you bring your child in?

Children should have their first dental visit by the time they turn one or when their first tooth erupts!

What kind of dental treatments are available for kids?

We provide the following dental treatments for children:

Exam and Cleaning – This is a routine dental check-up, done every 6 months, where we will examine and clean your child’s teeth as well as discuss diet choices and oral hygiene habits.

X-Rays – X-rays help us see areas that are not visible during a regular exam and can help us pinpoint problem areas in their earliest developmental stages.

Protective Sealants – A smooth, clear coating in the grooves of molars may be needed to make teeth easier to clean and block cavity causing germs.

Fillings – Fillings can be used to prevent decay from expanding deeper into a tooth or to fix cracked or broken teeth.

Crowns And Pulp Treatments – Sometimes crown and pulp treatments are necessary to extend the length of time a damaged baby tooth stays in place.

Extraction & Space Maintainers – Teeth that are non-restorable or severely decayed may need to be removed to eliminate pain and the spread of infection.

Orthodontic Evaluations – By age 7, we can start to determine if a child needs any type of interceptive orthodontics or growth modification. Most of these treatments can easily be performed right here in our office.

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