Sleep Apnea Treatment

Few people consult their dentist about their sleeping habits – particularly their snoring problems. At Lakeside Dental in Spokane Valley, Washington, we provide sleep apnea treatment to help you improve your health, prevent your snoring, and finally get a good night’s sleep!

Sleep Apnea occurs when muscles in the back of the throat relax during sleep, obstructing the airway. It is a common disorder which affects millions of adults. Sleep apnea may cause irregular sleep patterns, oxygen deprivation, and may lead to a host of other symptoms. The most common symptom of sleep apnea is snoring, which affects your loved ones as well.

Non-Invasive Oral Appliance

Typically, when people think of sleep apnea treatment, they envision sleeping with a mask and a breathing machine. Fortunately, our treatment is much simpler than that. We can build you a custom-fit oral appliance – similar to a retainer – to wear when you sleep. This oral appliance can support your jaw as you sleep, keeping your airway open and clear.

There are many types of oral appliances, each with its advantages and disadvantages. We recommend you schedule an appointment to learn which type is right for you. We can provide you with an oral appliance that is comfortable, easy to wear, and custom-made to help your snoring problem.

Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance

How Long Will it take to get my Oral Appliance?

Typically, making an oral appliance requires a few visits. During your first visit, we need to take a digital impression of your teeth. This will allow us to create a perfect fit for your mouth. Next, we will fabricate the appliance.

Once the appliance is ready, we can adjust it for comfort in just a few minutes. Once you’ve worn your oral appliance for a few nights, we’d like to schedule a follow-up visit to ensure the appliance is working correctly. We are happy to adjust your oral appliance to ensure the best-night’s sleep for you and your loved ones.

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